{The Team}

Current research group members:

Dr. Pat Miguez, DDS, MS, PhD is the PI

Dr. Aya Ali, BDS, MS, PhD, postdoctoral fellow


Dr. Rick Walter, DDS, MS, Clinical Professor, HPU (collaborator off site)

Angeliz Rivera-Concepcion, dental student, research volunteer

Dr. Vinicius (Vini) de Paiva Goncalves, DDS, MS, PhD, Adjunct Assistant Professor PUC, Brazil (collaborator off site)


Dr. Marta Musskopf, DDS, PhD, Clinical Associate Professor



Skylar Mcgaughey, dental student, research volunteer


Our group in the summer of 2021:

Miguez, Wong, Rivera-Concepcion, McGaughey, Musskopf, Seebold

Miguez, McGaughey, Rivera-Concepcion, Seebold, Wong, Musskopf

Pictures of some of our former lab members:

Teebok’s presentation at the Dental Research Day 2023

Ellie’s graduation from the UNC Grad Program 2022

Vini’s presentation at the Dental Research Day in 2020


Penn lab 2011-2014 (left to right: Belcher, Walter, Farias, Sampaio, Miguez, Perley)


Professor Mauro Andrada, visiting scholar 2014


Islam (Masters student, 2016) and Ana Paula (visiting scholar, 2014-2015)


Adam Robinson (volunteer technician, 2016-2017) and Stephen (postoctoral research associate, 2016-2018)

Mauro Andrada (visiting scholar, 2014) and Ricardo (visiting scholar, 2017)

UNC lab 2016-2018 (left to right: Noschang, Tuin, Miguez, Robinson)

Former lab members and respective main projects:

2018-2021- Ellie Bash, DDS resident in Periodontology, LMWH applications in periodontitis. * in collaboration with Dr. Jian Liu, Eshelman School of Pharmacy, UNC.

2018-2020 – Christina Yu, undergrad, pre-dental, research volunteer

2017-2021 – Dan Seebold, dental student, research volunteer

2016-2020 – Dr. Sing Wai Wong, DDS, PhD, resident in Periodontology and PhD candidate in OCBM, Optineurin, autophagy in bone resorption *in collaboration with NIEHS.

2016 – 2018: Stephen Tuin, PhD, Postdoctoral Research Associate

2016 – 2017 : Adam Robinson, volunteer lab tech, dental student

2015 – Islam Abd Alraheam, DDS, masters student in Operative Dentistry, UNC School of Dentistry.

2014-2016 Ana Paula Beltrame, DDS, international PhD student in Dentistry (UFSC – Brazil), Effect of chitosan vs organic polymers vs fluoride on prevention of demineralization of dentin (in vitro erosion model), UNC School of Dentistry.
*in collaboration with Dr. Mark Schoenfisch, UNC School of Chemistry

2014-2015- Mauro Andrada, DDS, international visiting scholar (UFSC – Brazil), Modulation of dentin collagen quality and mineralization/re-mineralization by phytochemicals, UNC School of Dentistry.
*in collaboration with Dr. Ricardo Walter, UNC School of Dentistry

2015 – Prapaporn (Nase) Jongwattanapisan, DDS, PhD, post-doctoral fellow, Hesperidin on mineralization in vitro, UNC School of Dentistry.

2014 – Jerrel Wood III Coob, research internship student, ECM modulation of bone resorption in a periodontal disease model, UNC School of Dentistry.

2013 – Ankita Bhalla, DDS, research internship student, Immunohistochemistry of mineralization markers in normal/KO and diseased murine bones and dentin, UPenn School of Dental Medicine.

2013 – Pollyana Maya, DDS, research scholar, Natural compounds as modifiers of mechanical properties of dentin matrix, UPenn School of Dental Medicine.

2013 – Michele Volchonok, BS, summer research internship student, Bone quality in a mouse model of type 2 diabetes: micro-CT and mechanical analyses, UPenn School of Dental Medicine.

2013 – David Farias, DDS, MS, international PhD student in Dentistry (UFSC – Brazil), Collagen cross-linkers and dentin properties, UPenn School of Dental Medicine.

2012-2014 – Joyce Belcher, PhD, IRACDA post-doctoral fellow, main project “Role of glycosaminoglycans of biglycan on its functions in bone”, other projects: Flaxseed protective effect on normal and radiated bone; Hesperidin and Genipin on Bone and Dentin Biomodification, UPenn School of Dental Medicine.

2012 – Paula Sampaio, DDS, MS, international PhD student in Biomaterials (UNB – Brazil), Acid conditioning effect on dentin remineralization potential, UPenn School of Dental Medicine.

2011 – 2013 – Kimberly Perley, BS, research assistant, Role of phytochemicals in in vitro musculoskeletal repair, UPenn School of Dental Medicine.


{team cohesion should not be above speaking out against nonsense. We learn from our mistakes & talking to each other & respecting each other’s space}